Secure your future by securing your data!


It was said that art was what gave birth to human civilization. Through art, we would connect together with a common purpose through communities. Human societies created a large amount of data. The majority of that data in the last few years had been unstructured (audio, video, images, scans, documents, etc). The need to store, manage, archive, search and analyze unstructured data had been the driving force behind object based storage (OBS). Amazon and Google both demonstrated their successes in using OBS for their foundation of providing proprietary S3 file system, and GoogleFS. The OBS market today would continue to growth as IDC predicted the majority (80%) of data collected by 2020 would be unstructured.

Following Amazon and Google example, we observed the opportunities for ASEAN countries to build their own (using commodity disk drives and white-box servers like Amazon and Google did); instead of relying on expensive “foreign technologies.” OBS would open many doors to secure your own data and how to manage them. Controlling your own data, for locality, for national security, for owning your own intellectual property, may very well be the most sound strategy to secure a nation’s future.

As we enjoy talented musicians from around the world, with unstructured data hosted on youtube and the likes of platforms (using OBS), we would be continually reminded that technology should serve humanity when talent such as this would need to be amplified.

Enjoy the show: